Phoenix Mine phosphorescence photoluminescence Photostand
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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Phoenix Mine. A small diamond pipe mine in the Winburg area, Orange Free State, Republic of South Africa.

phosphorescence (foss"-fo-ress'-cence). A variety of luminescence. The property possessed by some di­amonds and other Gemstones of con­tinuing to emit visible light in dark­ness after exposure to X-rays, cathode rays, ultraviolet rays or visi­ble light. It differs from fluorescence, which is an emission of visible light during exposure. Phosphorescence is a continuance of luminescence after the removal of the exciting rays, and a phosphorescent stone or other ob­ject is said to phosphoresce, or glow. Phosphorescent Diamonds are un­usual. See FLUORESCENCE, FLUOROCHROMA-TIC, LUMINESCENCE, PHOTOLUMINESCENCE, PRE­MIER diamond, ULTRAVIOLET, ULTRAVIOLET LAMP. CHAMELEON diamond.

photoluminescence (fo'-toe-loo'-ma-ness"-cence). The property of some Diamonds and other Gemstones to become luminescent when ex­posed to the action of visible or ul­traviolet light rays only. They are said to be fluorescent if luminescent dur­ing exposure, and phosphorescent if luminescent after exposure. See emis­sion SPECTRUM, FLUORESCENCE, LUMINESCENCE, PHOSPHORESCENCE, PREMIER diamond, UL­TRAVIOLET

Photostand. The GEM Photostand is an especially designed system for photographing jewelry. The unit con­sists of a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera with cable release, auxiliary Vi size, actual size, and \Vi size color-coded lenses and electric eye adaptor. The stand has a scientifically balanced color-corrected lighting system, with focusing and centeringndicators. It uses black and white or color film.