Peruzzi cut phenomenal diamond Pesas diamond Philip II Diamond
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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Peruzzi cut. See peruzzi, vincenzio. Peruzzi, Vincenzio. A 17th century Venetian lapidary who is credited with first revealing the true beauty of the diamond by employing the bril­liant form of cutting; i.e., with 56 facets, a table and a culet. Some­times referred to as the Peruzzi cut, it was an improvement over the earlier Mazarin cut.

Pesas diamond. A misnomer for rock crystal.

phenomenal diamond. A general term for any diamond that displays an unusual optical effect. See


Phianite. Trade name for man-made cubic zirconia.

Philip II diamond. A 47.50-carat diamond, supposedly purchased by Philip II, of Spain, in 1559. Further details lacking.

philosopher's stone. An imaginary stone, the use of which medieval al­chemists believed would transform flint into gold or into diamond and other precious stones.