pear-shaped rose cut pectolite penetration twin
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Sunday, 23 September 2007

pear-shaped rose cut. A rarely used rose style of cutting that has a pear-shaped girdle outline, a flat, unfa-ceted base and a pointed, dome-shaped crown bearing 24 triangular facets; the number of facets, how­ever, may vary. Pecos diamond. A misnomer for rock

crystal from the Pecos River, Texas, or New Mexico.

pectolite. A subtranslucent, whitish or grayish secondary mineral found in the Kimberley diamond pipes; sometimes deposited in fissures of deep fractures in the surface of dia­mond crystals.

Pelikanstraat. The famous street in Antwerp, Belgium, about which the diamond-cutting industry centers. pendant-cut brilliant. The anglicized name for a pendeloque. pendeloque (pahn"-dah-loke). A modification of the pear-shaped bril­liant cut. It has an outline similar to the pear shape, but with the nar­rower end longer and more pointed.

penetration twin. A twin crystal in which the two or more parts appear to interpenetrate one another. The parts have some definite angular re­lationship to one another with respect to the axis of twinning. Pene­tration twins of cubes, tetrahedra and other forms are sometimes encoun-lered in diamond.