Paphos diamond Parisian diamond SYNTHETIC DIAMOND Parteal Mines
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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Paphos diamond. A misnomer for rock crystal.

Para. A minor diamond-producing state in Brazil. See brazil.

Paphos diamond. (1) A term that seems to have been used first in the 16th cen­tury for Diamonds weighing mine than 12 carats. (2) A term once used by jewelers to mean "Diamonds free from specks or foulness." (3) A per feet diamond weighing 100 carats or more.

Paphos diamond. A collection made up ol clearly defined groups of Diamonds, which, after evaluation, is ready for sale. See lot and sights.

Parisian diamond. An old misnomer for a diamond imitation. Parsons, Hon. Sir Charles Algernon (1854-1931). An English engineer m\<\ inventor who, in 1918, attempted lo produce synthetic Diamonds by re peating the experiments of Moissan and Crookes with variations, and was convinced that these methods could not be successful. In one novel experiment he fired a blank shotgun shell against the piston of a compres sion chamber that was filled wilh carbon. When this was unsuccessful he sought still higher pressures by discharging bullets into a tapered carbon-filled hole in a steel block. Pressures of 5000 tons per square inch were supposedly obtained in this manner. There is no proof that his experiments were successful, See


Parteal (or Partial) Mines. A group ol old diamond mines near Golconda, India, some of which were worked as late as 1850. Located on the north bank of the Kistna River, east ol the Kollur Mines, and at the junction ol the Kistna and Munyero Rivers. Said to have had large production from an alluvium of a decomposed cli.nnan tiferous stratum. See col< onda, itvii >i-v