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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Oval Elegance (trademark). A 58-

facet oval cut marketed by the diamond-cutting firm of Lazare Kap­lan & Sons, Inc. It is claimed by the producer to enlarge the apparent size of a diamond and to produce more brilliance than other fancy cuts. See


oval marquise. A marquise cut in which the typical boat-shaped out-

line has blunted rather than pointed ends. See marquise.

Ovalumpally Mine. The name of an old diamond mine in the Madras dis­trict of India. Same as woblapally mine,

overblue. A term applied to a dia­mond that has a bluish cast in day­light; usually a fluorescent stone. See


overgrowth. A thin coating of cal­cium carbonate found on some dia­monds that prevents them from adhering to the grease table. overspread stone. See swindled stone.

oxidized crystal. A diamond crystal that contains iron oxide. In some Diamonds, surface oxidization has probably taken place due to contact with the atmosphere during forma­tion of an alluvial deposit. The ox­idized substance is usually yellow, orange or red, and its presence often imparts a false color to the crystal. In some other Diamonds the oxidation is nearly always inside the crystal; it is very seldom a coating. See star of


oyster line. See namaqualand.

Ozark diamond Company. One of

the companies that was organized to mine the Arkansas diamond deposits.