Orpin-Palmer Diamond out-of-round diamond oval cut
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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Orpin-Palmer diamond. The first of several large South African alluvial Diamonds found (1902) on the Vaal River Estate, Cape Province. Valued at £ 100, it was said to have been a 117.5-carat dull-white diamond. Its present location is unknown.

Ortlepp diamond. An uncut tri­angular-shaped stone (made) re­ported to be smaller than a shirt but­ton, and believed by some to be the first diamond discovered in the Kim-berley diggings. It was found in July, 1869 by Mrs. Sarah Ortlepp while resti ng u nder a shade tree. The Ortlepp stayed with the family for six genera­tions and is now on permanent loan to the Africana Museum in Johan­nesburg.

Otto Borgstrom diamond. A

121.50-carat, well-formed, yellowish octahedron that was found in the Gong Gong diggings on the Vaal River, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa, in 1907. The present whereabouts of this stone is not known.

Otto's Kopje (kop"-e). A small dia­mond pipe mine in the Kimberley area, Cape Province, Republic of

South Africa. Unlike the roughly cir­cular shape of most volcanic pipes, it is a wide and irregular volcanic fis­sure.

Oubangui-Chari. Formerly a territory within French Equatorial Africa, now the Central African Republic. Sig­nificant diamond production comes from both East and West Oubangui.


out-of-round diamond. A term used to describe any brilliant or other style of round-cut diamond that does not have a truly circular girdle outline to

the eye; a stone with a girdle circum­ference that is appreciably oval or squared but not constituting a fancy shape. See symmetry

outside goods. diamond rough sold by the diamond Trading Co., Ltd., which has been purchased either from the diamond Producers' Association, Ltd., or from such other sources as Angola, Ghana or Sierra Leone. That purchased from other than a mem­ber of the Producers' Association is

lermed outside goods. Outside goods also refer to those sold "outside" of the diamond Trading Co., Ltd.

oval brilliant cut. See oval cut

oval cut. (1) A brilliant style of cut-ling in which the girdle outline is el­liptical; i.e., a rounded oblong. Also called the oval brilliant cut. (2) An obsolete barrel-shaped style of cut­ting with a circular cross section and covered with triangular facets.