nuclear reactor Nur-ud-Deen Nur-ul-Ain Diamond
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Friday, 21 September 2007

nuclear reactor. A device by which a fission chain reaction can be in­itiated, maintained, and controlled. Its essential component is a core of fissionable fuel which usually has a moderator, a reflector, shielding, and a control mechanism. The nuclear radiation may take the form of gamma rays, or other nuclear parti­cles like alpha rays (helium nuclei), or beta rays (electrons). Neutrons, positrons, and protons also may be emitted along with the transmuta­tions. It is used to artificially color Diamonds. See cyclotron-treated dia­mond, PILE-TREATED diamond, TREATED DIA­MOND.

Nur-ud-Deen (Light of Faith) Dia­mond. A large (size unknown) pink diamond, mounted in the center of a cross, that belonged to Prince Alex­ander Tzary in the 19th century. The cross, which was embellished with 85 brilliants and 160 rose cuts, was sold in London, in 1898, for £750. No additional information is avail­able. Alternate spellings are Noor-un-Deen and Noor-ud-Deen.

Nur-ul-Ain diamond. A 60-carat pink diamond. Set in a diadem with 323 smaller Diamonds. Name means Light of the Eye. Belongs to Iranian Crown Jewels. Believed to have been cut from the Great Table. See darya-i-nur. Alternate spelling is Noor-ol-Ayn.

nyf. See naif.