Nier-Gem Niekerk, Schalk van. See eureka dia­mond
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Niekerk, Schalk van. See eureka dia­mond, STAR OF SOUTH AFRICA diamond.

Niekerk's Hope. One of the early al­luvial diamond diggings on the Vaal River, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa.

Nier-Gem. Trade name for man-made yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG).

nitrogen. Nonmetallic, colorless element symbol N, and a diatomic

gas (N2). Occurs as a trace element inclusion in the lattice in some dia­monds. Nitrogen occurs as aggregate in Type la or as dispersed-atoms in Type lb Diamonds. Nitrogen does not occur in Type II Diamonds. The pres­ence of nitrogen atoms dispersed through the crystal lattice in the order of one part in a million is be­lieved to cause the diamond to ab­sorb light in the blue region which

results in the yellowish-body color of Type I Diamonds. See type i diamond. Nizam (or Nizzam) diamond. An apparently unauthenticated stone thought to be in the treasury of the Nizam of Hyderabad (ancient Gol-conda) since before the Golconda diamond fields were exhausted. Some gem historians believe that it was found in Golconda's Kollur Mines about 1835. It was reported to have weighed either 440 or 340 carats in the rough and to have been broken during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. The Nizam may have been sold to an Indian banker for 70,000 rupees; at that time its value was placed at £ 200,000. After cutting, it was thought to have weighed 277 carats. Models made of it represent a concave-based, elongated, domed

stone covered with irregular, con­cave facets. Presumably, this great diamond has been owned by succes­sive generations of Hyderabad's rul­ers and retains this status today, al­though no confirmation has been made of this conjecture. The name is also sometimes spelled Nizzam.

Nizzam diamond. Same as Nizam diamond.

NMDC. See national mineral develop­ment CORPORATION.

Nooitgedacht. An alluvial diamond deposit near Barkly West, Cape Prov­ince, Republic of South Africa. Al­though owned by De Beers Consoli­dated Mines, Ltd., it is worked by private diggers. Recent annual pro­duction has been approximately 2000 carats.

Nooitgedacht diamond. The Noo­itgedacht yellow diamond rough weighing 325 carats was discovered by a native in the diggings at Noo­itgedacht, near Kimberley, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa, in 1953. The site had been dug for 22 years without success by its owner, Christoffel Boer. The diamond was sold by Boer for $38,000, and the discoverer was awarded $840. The disposition of the Nooitgedacht is not known.