naat Nadir Shah Namaqualand
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naat. A Dutch term for a thin, flat, twinned diamond crystal; also the junction where the two crystals join. Cross naat is a nonparallel multiple twinning.

Nadir Shah. The leader of the Per­sians who, in 1739, invaded and sacked Delhi and carried off the famous Peacock Throne, together with several famous Diamonds. See


N.A.G. National Association of Goldsmith's, London. naif (pronounced "knife")- Also spelled naife, naive or nyf. A word of French derivation meaning the natural, unpolished faces of a dia­mond crystal; its luster or "skin." Other meanings, less frequently used, are as follows: (1) A well-formed diamond crystal, as distin­guished from a distorted one. (2) A thick or pointed diamond crystal, as distinguished from a flat one. (3) A diamond crystal possessing bright, or splendent, faces. See point naif. naife. See naif. naive. See naif.

Namaqualand (nah-mah"-kwa-land). A diamond-producing region located on Africa's southwestern coast. It is divided into two portions by the lower course of the Orange River: Little Namaqualand to the south (which forms a part of the Cape Prov­ince in the Republic of South Africa) and Greater Namaqualand to the north (which is the southern part of South-West Africa). The deposits are mostly in uplifted marine terraces, to the Diamonds were probably carried by long-shore currents from the mouth of the Orange. In the southern portion of Namaqualand the rich marine terraces are known as the oyster line, because of their content of oyster shells. Annual production, which is principally gem quality, reached 777,967 carats in 1974. The principal producing com¬panies are the Namaqualand State Mines and the Kleinzie Mine, both of which are controlled by De Beers, Consolidated Mines, Ltd.; the latter, however, has ceased production. Al¬ternate spelling Namakwaland. See NAMAQUALAND STATE MINES.
southwestern Africa. See NAMAQUA¬LAND
southwestern Africa. See namaqualand.
Napoleon diamond. A 34-carat bril¬liant, supposedly sold to Napoleon Bonaparte for £.8000, to be worn on
Namaqualand diamond producing areas
Namaqualand State Mines. The
government-operated alluvial dia¬mond mines in Namaqualand,

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