Mr. Diamond muddy diamond Muiskraal Multifacet Diamond (trademark
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Mr. diamond. A trademarked name for colorless synthetic corundum.

muddy diamond. A little-used trade term for a diamond of inferior bril­liancy, which is caused by a lack of transparency resulting from the pres­ence of numerous minute inclusions or extensive fractures and cleavages. Often refers to a gray-brown color; sometimes also a greenish color.

Muiskraal. A minor alluvial diamond deposit in the Potchefstroom area, Transvaal Province, Republic of South Africa. The annual yield from this deposit is negligible.

Mujgawan. The name of a town in Vindhya Pradesh, India, near which is located a diamond-bearing kim-berlite pipe. See india.

Multifacet diamond (trademark). A

name used to describe a standard brilliant cut upon whose girdle has

been polished at least 40 flat facets.


multiple-layer diamond dressing tool. A multiple-diamond dressing tool that contains several Diamonds set in several layers within the matrix of the tool.

Murfreesboro. Arkansas town in Pike County near the largest diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe in the United States. The Crater of Diamonds State Park is 2V2 miles south of Murfrees­boro where visitors may search for Diamonds for a fee.

Mutzschen diamond. A misnomer for rock crystal.

Mwadui Mine. The principal dia­mond mine in Tanzania, formerly called Tanganyika Territory, Africa. This is the famous Williamson Mine, now owned jointly by De Beers Con­solidated Mines, Ltd., and the Gov­ernment of Tanzania. See Tanzania.

Myrtle McFarlin Canary diamond.

See MC FARLIN diamond.