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Friday, 21 September 2007

motichul. A Hindu word meaning a clear and brilliant diamond.

Mounce diamond. The Mounce rough, weighing 18.20 carats, is the tenth largest diamond found in the United States. It was discovered in

1969 by a girl playing in her yard at Princeton, Louisiana. C. E. Mounce, a Shreveport jeweler, purchased the stone and had it cut by Lazare Kap­lan & Sons into three stones. A 3.47-carat oval, the largest •■stone, was named the La Mounce and re­tained by Mr. Mounce. A 2.75-carat heart shape and a 2.27-carat mar­quise were sold for an undisclosed sum to unknown buyers.

Mountain of Light diamond. See

KOH-I-NOOR diamond.

Mountain of Splendor diamond.

Reported in some older works to have been a 135-carat diamond in the Persian Regalia. Nothing else is known of this stone. In 1966 this diamond was not among the Crown Jewels of Iran according to Dr. V. B. Meen.

mounted goods. (1) Diamonds that have been set in rings. (2) Diamonds set in any kind of jewelry. See goods. mounting. A trade term for that por­tion of a piece of jewelry in which a gem or other object is to be set or has been set.

Moyat (first name unknown). An in­vestigator who, in the late 1800's, at­tempted unsuccessfully to produce synthetic Diamonds by pressing iron filings and carbon particles in a con­tainer filled with liquid carbon dioxide and applying an electric cur­rent. See SYNTHETIC diamond.

Moyen, or Middle, Congo. One of

the minor diamond-producing ter­ritories in what was French Equato­rial Africa. Moyen Congo became the Congo Republic (not to be con­fused with Zaire, which is the suc­cessor to the Belgian Congo). This former French colony lies to the

northeast of the Congo and Ubangi Rivers.