Mittag Modder River Moe gauge
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Mittag. See area m.

Mittagong. An alluvial diamond min­ing area 80 miles southwest of Syd­ney, Australia. The Mittagong Dia­mond Mine (Southeys Mine) oper­ated in this area from 1893 to 1895. The recovery of Diamonds was very poor.

mixed cut. A gem cut in which the crown is round brilliant cut and the pavilion is step cut. Sometimes the reverse is seen.

MMTC. Abbreviation for the state-owned Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation of India; in part, dealing in rough Diamonds.

Modder River. A tributary of the Vaal River, between Kimberley and Bloemfontein, Republic of South Af­rica. It was once an important allu­vial diamond-mining district.

moderne cut. See fancy-cut diamond. mode rose cut. A flat-backed rose cut that has a hexagonal outline with 6 facets on the dome side.

Moe gauge. A caliper-type gauge that, together with accompanying ta

bles, is used to estimate the weights of either mounted or unmounted round brilliant-cut Diamonds by measurements of width and depth. It is not a precision instrument. See mil­limeter MICROMETER, LEVERIDGE GAUGE.

Mogul cut. An older style of cutting which is a rather lumpy form with a broad, often asymmetrical base, an upper termination consisting of a set of usually four shallow facets or a ta­ble, and two or more zones of strip facets parallel to the base and ori­ented vertically. It is derived from cleavage pieces. The Taj-e-mah Di­amond illustrates this cut.

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