Maraetchesfontein Maria Diamond Marie Antoinette Diamond Neck­lace
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Maludi Mine. An alluvial diamond

mine in Angola, Africa. See angola.

Manana. A minor alluvial diamond

deposit in the Lichtenburg area,

Transvaal, Republic of South Africa.

See lichtenburg.

mangelin. A Hindu weight equal to

13/b carats.

manik. An old East Indian term for

greenish Diamonds.

mantle. The interior zone of the

earth below the crust and above the

core extending from about 35 km

below the ocean basins to a depth of about 2900 km. It is bounded at the top by the Mohorovicic discontinuity and at the bottom by the Gutenberg discontinuity. Some geologists be­lieve that the diamond bearing kim­berlite rocks originated in or near the upper part of the mantle. See crust.

Maraetchesfontein. A minor alluvial diamond deposit in the Schweizer Reneke area, Transvaal Province, Re­public of South Africa. This digging makes a very insignificant contribu­tion to total South African alluvial production.

Maranhao. A state in Brazil that is a minor producer of Diamonds. See


Marek, Jan Ivo. A British investigator who, in collaboration with an asso­ciate, Frederick B. Salt, claimed to have produced synthetic Diamonds by using the Moissan method but substituting lignite in place of car­bon. It is apparent that the experi­ments were unsuccessful. See mois­san, FERDINAND FREDERIC HENRI; SYNTHETIC diamond.

Maria diamond. Maria Komemkima discovered this 106-carat rough at Yakutskaya, Siberia, 1966. At that time, it was the largest diamond found in the Soviet Union. The Maria is now in the Russian diamond Fund, Moscow.

Marico. A minor alluvial diamond deposit in Transvaal Province, Re­public of South Africa.

Marie Antoinette diamond Neck­lace. Long associated with Marie Antoinette, Queen of France in the late 18th century, this was one of history's most famous pieces of jew-

beneath the continents and 10 km