Lobaye Loffa River LIBERIA.
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Lobaye. A minor diamond-mining area in the Central African Republic.

Loffa River. The site of the discovery of an alluvial diamond deposit in 1955 in Liberia, West Africa. See


L'office Forestiere et Miniere du Congo. (FORMINIERE). One of the

principal diamond-mining com­panies in the former Congo Repub­lic, now in the Republic of Zaire. Recent production has been approx­imately 400,000 carats annually. See


London. The name of a minor al­luvial diamond deposit in the Schweizer Reneke area, Transvaal Province, Republic of South Africa. The yearly production from this de­posit is insignificant.

long hexagon cut. A modification of the hexagon cut, the shape of which is produced by increasing the length

Long hexagon cut

of one of the three pairs of sides. It resembles a baguette with two pointed ends.

Longlands. A minor alluvial diamond deposit in the Barkly West area, Cape Province, Republic of South Af­rica. The total production in one re­cent year was 326 carats.

lonsdaleite. A hexagonal allotrope (polymorph) of diamond which has been found in meteorites and syn­thesized from graphite in the labora­tory by shock conversion. It is clas­sified as a Type III diamond.

loopkring. A Dutch word that refers to the inner section of the polishing lap, or scaife. It is on this part of the lap that the facets of a diamond are cut, or placed. Polishing and the removal of cutting marks is ac­complished on the outer section of the wheel, called the zoetkring. See


loose goods. Polished but un­mounted Diamonds. See goods.

lot. (1) A group of rough Diamonds offered for sale by the diamond Trad­ing Co. to firms invited to view its sights. A lot usually includes a wide variety of material. (See sights.) (2) Also applied by diamond merchants to their regroupings of these dia­monds according to color, make, and

comparative freedom from imperfec­tions after fashioning. (3) Lots can also be composed of polished stones.