Litkie Diamond NAMAQUALAND Little Sancy Diamond
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Litkie diamond. Found on the Vaal River, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa, 1891. 205 carats. Loca­tion unknown.

Little (or Lesser) Namaqualand. See


Little Sancy diamond. Although from the collection of the same Seig­neur de Sancy of the French Court, this 34-carat pear-shaped brilliant cut should not be confused with the 55-carat Sancy diamond. The Little Sancy was bought by Prince Fre­derick of Orange in 1647 and passed down to his grandson, who became King Frederick I of Prussia. The gem was then in the Prussian Treasury for many years. It was worn on the Crown Necklace by the bride, Prin-

cess Mary of Sachen-Altenburg, at her wedding to Prince Albert of Prus­sia in Berlin in 1881. In 1923, it was inventoried among the Crown Jewels of the Hohenzollern as a pendant in a 23-diamond necklace. Today, still mounted as a pendant but of a much simpler design, the Little Sancy is one of the prize possessions of the Royal Prussian House in Bremen, Germany. An alternate name is the Beau Sancy.

load. A term used in the South Afri­can diamond mines for 16 cubic feet of blue ground, or about 4/5 of a short ton. Despite the fact that mine cars carry about 20 cubic feet, the standard load used for reporting yield is the 16-cubic-foot size.