Lesotho B Diamond CULLINAN (II) DIAMOND Letny Diamond
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Lesotho B diamond. This large rough weighing 527 carats was one of the three largest Diamonds ever found in Lesotho. It was discovered in 1965 and bought by Mr. E. J. Sera-fini of Bloemfontein and Maseru for $162,400. The Lesotho B was later resold to an unknown American dealer in Antwerp. Present disposi­tion is not known.

Lesotho C diamond. Discovered at the Kau diggings, Lesotho, in 1969, this large brown rough weighing 338 carats was initially sold for $54,740. It was reportedly cut into 10 stones in Amsterdam of which the largest gem

is a 24-carat marquise. The where­abouts of these Diamonds is un­known today.zesser

Star of Africa diamond. See

CULLINAN (II) diamond.

Lestergem. Trade name for synthetic spinel.

Letny diamond. A 46.36-carat rough found in Mirnyy, Yakutiya, Siberia, sometime after 1955. Now in the Russian diamond Fund at the Krem­lin.

Letseng-la-Terai pipe. diamond bearing kimberlite pipe in the Drakensberg Mountains of north­eastern Lesotho. Highest diamond diggings in the world at over 10,200 feet where snow covers the area for about three months a year and tem­peratures plunge to sub-zero. Some-

times spelled Letseng-la-Draai. The surface area of the pipe is about 20 hectares and is covered with a thin layer of black soil. Smaller satellite pipes surround the deposit. Several large Diamonds have been reported found at Letseng-la-Terai, significant among these are the pale brown col­ored 601.25-carat Lesotho diamond discovered in 1967, a 147-carat stone

in 1969, and a 155-carat off-white octahedron found in 1973.