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Sunday, 23 September 2007

premium prices. (1) Prices above the normal trade prices that are asked for certificated stones. These prices,however, do not apply to all dia­monds with certificates. Premiums are only paid for Diamonds of certain grades and sizes. (2) Premium prices also refer to percentages over theDiamond Trading Company's list price on "original" series from DTC.Thus, a premium of 5% means theprice is 5% over the DTC selling

Presidente Dutra diamond. A 409c arat diamond that was found in 1949 by a prospector in the ouradinho River, Coromandel district, Minas Gerais, Brazil. From it were cut 36 stones totaling 136 car ats, the largest of which weighed 9.60 carats and the smallest, .55 car ats. Also called the Dutra diamond.

the San Antonio River, municipality of Coromandel, Minas Gerais, Brazil, by a native prospector and his part­ner, a farmer. It was named in honor of the then president of that country,

Getulio Vargas. The partners sold the stone to a broker for about $56,000 and it changed hands several times, eventually reaching a reported value of $235,000. Harry Winston, New York City gem merchant, bought the stone in 1939 for approximately $600,000. In 1941, Winston had it cut into 29 stones, the important ones of which were all emerald cuts. The largest of these, which weighed 48.26 carats, is known as the Vargas or Presidente Vargas diamond. It was owned for a number of years by Mrs. Robert W. Windfohr of Ft. Worth, Texas, but later came back into the possession of Harry Winston. Own­ership of the other stones is not known Presidente Vargas diamond. With a weight of 726.60 carats, the Pres­idente Vargas diamond qualifies as one of the largest Diamonds ever found. It was discovered in 1938 in

Prince Edward of York diamond. A

60.25-carat, fine-quality, pear-shaped African stone that was imported to the United States in 1901 by Alfred H. Smith & Co. and sold to a New York banker. Ultimate disposition unknown.

Princess cut. An earlier name for the profile cut invented by Arpad Nagy in 1961. Also applied, for a time at least, to the 144-facet round brilliant. See profile cut.

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