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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Pomona. An area of alluvial dia­mond deposits in South-West Africa, parts of which are now virtually exhausted. Pontesinha diamond. See carbonado


Pontianak. A city on the west coast of Borneo in the vicinity of which the first diamond deposits were found.


pool. Rough Diamonds formerly were sorted by the diamond Trading Co. into a number of broad classifica­tions, called pools; e.g., shapely crystals were put into one pool, and various types of distorted or twinned crystals, fragments and limited color categories into others. Some pools were available only to certain groups of cutters.

poorly made. A stone with deficien­cies in proportions or finish or both.


Pope Paul III diamond. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V presented this stone to Pope Paul III when he en­tered Rome in April, 1536. Ben-venuto Cellini, in his Autobiography, tells of setting the diamond in a ring for the Pope, for which he says the Emperor paid him 12,000 crowns.

Porges diamond. A 78.53-carat champagne emerald-cut diamond purchased by Harry Winston, New York City gem merchant, in 1962. The setting of this diamond consists of a very elaborate clip-pendant combination in yellow gold sur­rounded by 8 cabochon emeralds, 8 cabochon rubies and 32 old mine

Diamonds. It was sold in the United States in 1968.

porknocker. The local slang term for a native gold miner or diamond miner in Guyana (formerly British Guiana) who, although holding a mining license, is only allowed to work on another person's claim.

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