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Sunday, 23 September 2007

pink diamond. A fancy diamond. A lerm often used loosely in the trade lo describe any light red, light purple or light purplish-red diamond. Those olher than light red are sometimes described by such terms as rose pink, iose colored, peach blossom and heliotrope. See le grand conde' dia­mond, PEACH-BLOSSOM diamond, WILLIAMSON diamond, NUR-UL-AIN diamond, DARYA-I-NUR HIAMOND, PRINCIE diamond, WINSTON PINK NIAMOND.

pinpoint. (1) Any small rounded in­clusion seen at 10x but not large

enough to be discernible as an in­cluded crystal. (2) Essentially, the same as "carbon spots" which are somewhat more likely to be opaque.

Pionersky diamond. One of many large (weight unreported) named rough diamond crystals in the Rus­sian diamond Fund at the Kremlin.

pipe. The common name for a verti­cal, cylindrical or columnlike mass of rock that cooled and solidified in the neck of a volcano. When these rock masses are composed of kimberlite, they sometimes contain dia­monds. Although the kimberlite in the various pipes is similar, the pipes Ihemselves differ in size and shape and in the kind of Diamonds they produce. Kimberlite pipes occur in Arkansas, India, the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Zaire, Russia and elsewhere. See kimberlite.

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