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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Orapa Pipe & diamond Mine. Orapa pipe formerly designated 2125, second largest diamond pipe.

Orchid diamond. Described as hav­ing a "pink-lavender color," this 30.45-carat crystal was imported in 1935 by Lazare Kaplan & Sons, Inc., New York City diamond cutters, who fashioned it into a 9.93-carat em­erald cut. This rare-colored gem was exhibited in museums in Boston and Cleveland and was sold in 1940 to a private buyer through a

wholesaler. One overly poetic gen­tleman once described it as "contain­ing all the color of a mile of tropical sunset." In 1965 it was reported to have changed hands, but the present owner is unknown. Oregon diamond. A 3.87-carat, grayish-green distorted octahedron. Found in 1893 near Oregon, Dane Co., Wisconsin. Purchased by Tiffany & Co. for $50 and presented to American Museum of Natural His-

tory, New York City. It was stolen from the Museum and never recov­ered.

O'Reilly diamond. See eureka dia­mond.

O'Reilly, John. Came hunter and trader in the old British Cape Colony which is now known as the Republic of South Africa. Van Niekerk en­trusted a stone found by Erasmus Jacobs to O'Reilly in 1867 to have it examined at Colesberg. The stone proved to be a 21.25-carat diamond which made African Diamonds known to the world and initiated fur­ther development of the great dia­mond fields of South Africa. This was the first authenticated diamond find in South Africa. It was later cut to a 10.73-carat brilliant and named the Eureka diamond. See eureka diamond.

Oriental diamond. An obsolete term that was once used to distinguish In­dian from Brazilian Diamonds after the discovery of Brazilian deposits and while Indian stones were still a factor in the market.

original lot. An unsorted lot of rough Diamonds sold by the diamond Trad­ing Co. See lot.

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