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Friday, 21 September 2007

off-center table. Distorted rough is sometimes cut in a manner that places the table nearer to the girdle at one point than elsewhere. It is the result of the opposite crown facets being cut at different angles. May also be off-center because opposing bezels are of different sizes. An off-center table may be inclined to the girdle plane, but usually it is parallel


off-color diamond. (1) In the Ameri­can trade, any diamond that has a tinge of undesirable color, especially yellowish or brownish, that is easily apparent to the unaided but prac­ticed eye without comparison with a stone of known color. (2) A term that has been used at the South African diamond mines for the grade of rough Diamonds below the cape and bye grades.

Offin River Estates, Ltd. A small diamond-mining company that works alluvial deposits in the Birim River Valley, Oda district, Ghana (Gold Coast). Production is not great. See ghana.

oilie. (1) In the American diamond trade, a little-used term that is synonymous with Premier diamond. (2) In some European countries, the term applies to a diamond having a blue-green tint. See premier diamond.

oil stones. A term used by South Af­rican miners for agates found asso-

ciated with Diamonds in the alluvial diamond deposits.

oitava (or octavo). A Brazilian weight for Diamonds and other gems; the equivalent of about \7Vi carats. Oktyabrksy diamond. One of the many large (weight unreported) named rough diamond crystals in the Russian diamond Fund at the Krem­lin.

old-English cut. Same as single cut. old-European cut. A term applied to the earliest form of circular-girdled full brilliant. It is characterized by a very small table, a heavy crown, and great overall depth. Improperly refer­red to as old-mine cut.

Old-European cut

Old-Mine cut

old-mine cut. (1) A trade term that is applied properly to an early form of brilliant cut with a nearly square or cushion-shaped girdle outline. (2) A term applied occasionally and incor­rectly to a somewhat more modern style of brilliant cut that also has a much higher crown and smaller table than the modern brilliant cut, but whose girdle outline is circular or approximately circular a style of cutting that is more properly call-

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