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Friday, 21 September 2007

Master Cutters' Association of South Africa. An organization of diamond cutters in the Republic of South Af­rica.

Master diamond-Cutters' Associa­tion of South Africa. An organization composed of employers of diamond cutters in the Republic of South Af­rica.

master (or key) Diamonds. Fashioned Diamonds of known color grades that are used as comparison stones when grading other Diamonds for body color. Also sometimes called a dia­mond yardstick. See diamond-yardstick


Matan diamond. The Matan is one of a number of Diamonds that is shrouded in secrecy and mystery. A Borneo stone, it is rarely shown and

Milford diamond. A 6-carat dia­mond crystal of fine color that was found near Milford, Clermont Co., Ohio, in 1879. Its present where­abouts is unknown.

milky diamond. A diamond that has a milky or hazy appearance. This condition usually is caused by clouds of exceedingly minute inclu­sions. Excessively fluorescent dia­monds sometimes have a milky ap­pearance in daylight.

mill. (1) In the diamond-cutting trade, a term sometimes used for the lap, or scaife, on which Diamonds are ground and polished. (2) In diamond mining, the building or buildings and adjacent establishment in which Diamonds are recovered from kim-berlite by crushing, panning, jigging, and washing over greased tables.

millimeter. Metric system unit of length based upon the meter (meter = 39.37 inches) as a standard of measurement. One millimeter (ab­breviated mm) equals 0.001 meter. Approximate U.S. equivalent 0.04 inch equals one mm. There are 25.4 mm per inch.

millimeter micrometer. A precision caliper gauge that measures the overall dimensions of unmounted fashioned gems accurately (to 0.01 mm) but less conveniently than dial gauges. The new millimeter microm­eter features a direct reading digi­tal scale for quick, easy, accurate measurement of stones from 0.01 mm to 25.50 mm.

Millionaire diamond. See recent dia­mond.

Mimosa. A minor alluvial diamond deposit in the Schweizer Reneke area, Transvaal Province, Republic of

South Africa. Less than 100 carats was reported from this deposit in one recent 12-month period.

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