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Friday, 21 September 2007

Marine diamond Corporation (Pty.), Ltd. A company that was organized in 1961 to exploit off-shore diamond deposits along the coast of South­west Africa. The concession area ex­tends north from the Orange River to the town of Luderitz. See south-west


marine terrace. See terrace

mark. A term used by a few jewelers in selling as a substitute for the more conventional clarity grading termi­nology; for example, slightly marked or very slightly marked in place of slightly imperfect or very slightly imperfect.

markings (on diamond). See growth markings.

Marmarosch diamond. A misnomer for rock crystal.

Marmora diamond. A misnomer for rock crystal.

Marquise cut

marquise cut (mar-keez"). A style of diamond cutting in which the girdle outline is boat shaped. The shape

and placement of the facets is of the brilliant type.

Marsden, R. S. A British scientist who, in 1880, claimed to have pro­duced synthetic Diamonds from a solution of amorphous carbon and molten silver. There is no proof that his experiments were successful. See synthetic diamond.

Martapura. A city in Kalimantan (formerly Borneo), in the vicinity of which are located some of the is­land's principal diamond deposits.


Martian Pink diamond. A flawless 12.03-carat pink round brilliant dia­mond, purchased by Harry Winston, New York City gem merchant, in 1975. It was exhibited in June of 1976 at the opening of the new Gem and Mineral Hall at the American Museum of Natural History. In July 1976 the diamond was christened the "Martian Pink" in honor of the American achievement of landing a scientific probe on the surface of the planet Mars. It was shortly thereafter sold to an unknown client in the United States.

Marvelite. Trade name for man-made strontium titanate.

Mascarenhas I and II Diamonds.

Seen by Tavernier in Goa in 1648. Belonged to Portuguese Viceroy, Dom Philip Mascarenhas. 57 and 67.50 carats, good quality, Indian cut. Additional information lacking.

mass. A term sometimes used for a rough diamond during the early phases of the fashioning operation.

massa. A Brazilian term for diamond deposits lying high on the hills and plateaus above present watercourses.

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