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Friday, 21 September 2007

Maiden Lane. The New York City street that was once the center of the diamond and jewelry industry in America. Although it is still impor­tant, 47th Street has replaced Maiden Lane in importance.

main facets. An all-inclusive term that refers to the large crown and pavilion facets of a brilliant-cut dia­mond or other gem. See bezel facets,


Majorana, Q. An investigator into the problem of diamond synthesis who, in 1897, claimed to have made Diamonds by using an electric cur­rent to heat carbon in a steel con­tainer at the same time that it was compressed by an explosion of gun­powder. There is no proof that his experiments were successful. See

SYNTHETIC diamond.

Major Bowes diamond. Once owned by the famed originator of the radio amateur hour, the Major Bowes is a 44.50-carat yellow diamond. He willed it to Cardinal Francis Joseph Spellman of New York, Rpman Cath­olic clergyman and author. Subse­quent owners were C. C. Kaufman of New York City and Erwin Wol-lands of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1958, while in the possession of Jack M. Werst, Miami, Florida, gem dealer, the gem was stolen in an armed rob­bery and has never been recovered.

make. A trade term that refers to the proportions and finish of a fashioned diamond; for example, good make refers to a stone that is well pro­portioned, symmetrical and well polished. Also said to be well made.


makeables. Trade term used by dia­mond designers for whole stones (diamond crystals) which are ground without preliminary work. Includes macles, cleavages, chips, etc.

Mali Federation. A new country made up of the former French ter­ritories of Senegal and French Sudan (now the Sudanese Republic). A number of kimberlite pipes were dis­covered by prospecting parties of the mining directorate before indepen­dence was achieved. They are lo­cated in West Sudan, in the cliffs of Tambouara, in the Faleme River ba­sin. Several large Diamonds have been found. See French west africa.

Mallin diamond Mines, Ltd. The

mining company that works a small dike, or fissure, in the Transvaal, at Zwartruggens, Republic of South Af-

rica. The fissure extends for more than 9000 feet, but has a width of only one to three feet. Annual recov­ery is on the order of 100,000 carats from a relatively small tonnage of blue ground processed. Yield is usu­ally over 140 carats per 100 loads, mostly of industrial quality. Mallin diamond Mines, Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrig Dia­monds, Ltd.

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