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Friday, 21 September 2007

Macquarie River. One of the princi­pal diamond-producing localities in New South Wales, Australia. See Aus­tralia.

made. A term used to refer to a fashioned diamond when describing the quality of its cutting, as in well made or poorly made. See make, poorly made, well made.

Mafeking. A town in Cape Province, Republic of South Africa, and the lo­cation of minor alluvial diamond diggings.

mafic. (1) A mnemonic adjective re­lating to dark-colored rock-forming silicate minerals rich in magnesium and iron, such as olivine, am-phiboles, pyroxenes, and biotite. (2) Applied to dark-colored igneous rocks composed predominantly of ferromagnesian rock-forming sili­cates, e.g. gabbro. (3) synonym for basic; a misleading and undesirable term used for dark-colored igneous rocks. See igneous rock; ultramafiq basic igneous rock.

Magalux. Trade name for synthetic spinel.

Magna cut

Magna Cut (trademark). A rarely used modification of the standard brilliant cut. It has 60 facets and a table on the crown and 40 facets and a culet on the pavilion. Its symmetry is tenfold (decagonal), instead of eightfold (octagonal), as in the 58-facet brilliant. The four-sided bezel facets of the latter are each replaced by two triangular facets, and an addi­tional break facet is placed between every pair of break facets, resulting in 10 star facets, 20 bezel facets, 30 upper-girdle facets, 30 lower-girdle facets, and 10 pavilion facets.

magnifier. Any optical instrument or device that magnifies. See loupe, mi­croscope, GEMOLITE, DIAMONDSCOPE, HEAD MAGNIFIER.

Mahalaxmi diamond-Mining Works.

A diamond-mining company in the Panna district, Madhya Pradesh, In­dia. See india.

Mahanadi River. A river in India, about 600 miles northeast of the Golconda group, on which early diamond mines were located.

Mahomet IV diamond. A legendary stone of 24 carats. Found in Constan­tinople on a heap of rubbish by a poor man during the reign of Ma­homet IV (1648-87). The finder sold the stone for a pittance, but it was later seized by the Grand Vizier and added to the Imperial Treasures. It adorned the Imperial Plume of the Sultan of Turkey on parade days. Present-day ownership denied by Topkapi Muzesi Mudurlugu, where Turkish Regalia is kept. Alternate spelling: Mohammed IV diamond.

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