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Friday, 21 September 2007

maakbars. Term used in the Belgian cutting industry for unsawable, un-cleavable, low quality Diamonds whose processing became un­economical in the kempen. Previ­ously, maakbars were passed on to Indian cutters who could process them economically and sell them back to Belgium. Now, CSO allo­cates maakbars to India directly, and Indian cutters no longer sell their processed maakbars to Antwerp but direct to world buyers.

Mabel Bolls diamond. A 44.76-carat emerald-cut diamond, formerly the property of Mabel Bolls, measures 13/a" x %". It was purchased from her estate in 1950 by Harry Winston, New York City gem merchant. Mabel Bolls became known throughout the world in the early part of the century as the "Queen of Diamonds" be­cause she was reputed to bed'eck herself with jewels worth more than $1,000,000. The stone is set in a ring and was widely exhibited in the famous Harry Winston "Court of Jewels" as well as numerous charity functions. It was sold in the United States in 1965 to an unknown buyer.

Macente. See kerouane.

machine cutting. See automatic cut­ting MACHINES, PIERMATIC diamond POLISHING MACHINE.

made (mack"-el). A term used in the diamond trade for a flat, triangular rough diamond, which is a twinned crystal of the spinel-twin type (in which the twin plane is parallel to an octahedral face, with one side ap­pearing to have been rotated 180° with respect to the other). It is more difficult to fashion than most other

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