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Friday, 21 September 2007

Luachimo River. A river in Angola, Africa, the basin of which is an im­portant diamond-mining region. See


Lubilash. A district comprising the valley of the Lubilash River in the Republic of Zaire, formerly the Congo Republic. It is a major pro­ducer of Diamonds, and is mined by Socie'te Miniere du Beceka. For a number of years, the output from the several mines in the area has ex­ceeded 12 million carats annually, mostly (about 97%) of industrial quality. It is a highly mechanized, ef­ficient operation. This area is also known as Bakwanga, after the city and central treatment plant location maintained by Be'ceka. Mining is currently proceeding both in alluvial deposits and in kimberlite pipes. See


Luderitz. A town near the north end of Consolidated diamond Mines of South-West Africa, Ltd. It was once the center of the South-West African

diamond industry, and the adminis­trative headquarters first of the Ger­mans and later C.D.M. See south-west


Ludwig, A. An Austrian chemist who, in 1901, recorded the formation of what he thought were Diamonds when he passed an electric current through an iron spiral embedded in powdered gas carbon in an atmos­phere of hydrogen and under great pressure. In a later experiment he fused a mixture of carbon and iron in an electric stream and suddenly chilled the mass by admission to it of water under a pressure of 2200 at­mospheres. Under these conditions of instantaneous cooling, Ludwig claimed to have synthesized minute Diamonds. There is no proof that his experiments were successful. See

SYNTHETIC diamond.

Luebo. A major diamond-mining area in Kasai Province, Republic of Zaire. It lies between the Lulua and Luebo Rivers and is exploited by Beceka, Forminiere, and the E. K. L. Consortium. Production from this area, also known as the Kasai Dis­trict, is usually between 500,000 and 1,000,000 carats annually, of which 30% or more are Gemstones. See re­public OF ZAIRE.

Luembe River. A river in Angola, Af­rica, the basin of which is an impor­tant diamond-mining region. See an­gola.

luminescence (loo'-meh-nes"-cence). A general term used to de­scribe the emission of certain wavelengths of light by a diamond or other substance when excited by radiation of different wavelengths, electrical discharge, heat, friction or

a similar agency. See fluorescence, cathodoluminescence, phosphorescence, ultraviolet, premier diamond, photo-luminescence, emission spectrum.

lumps. Large pieces of kimberlite, or blue ground, that failed to disinte­grate in the time allotted on the weathering floor. These are later worked through recovery processes and reported separately. See kimber­lite, floor.

lumpy girdle. An unnecessarily thick girdle on a brilliant-cut diamond. See girdle, girdle thickness, knife-edged girdle, bearded (or fuzzy) girdle, polished girdle.

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