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Friday, 21 September 2007

loupe (loop). Any small magnifying glass mounted for use in the hand as a hand loupe, or so that it can be held in the eye socket or attached to spectacles as an eye loupe. A loupe may contain a single lens (uncor­rected) or a system of lenses (cor­rected), which in commercial usage range from 2 to 20 power or more. The usual jeweler's or watchmaker's loupe is uncorrected and magnifies from 2 to 3 times; aplanatic loupes (those that are corrected for spherical aberration) vary from 6 to 20 power. In order to pronounce a diamond flawless by the American Gem Soci­ety definition or perfect by Federal Trade Commission Trade Practice Rules, the minimum specifications for a magnifier call for a 10x loupe corrected for spherical and chroma­tic aberration. See aberration.
"loupe clean." A term that is usuaily misleading, since it is used in de­scribing diamond qualities to suggest that no flaws are visible under mag­nification. If this were true under 10x examination by an experienced man using a corrected loupe, the term perfect or flawless would be used. It is prohibited by the American Gem Society for use by its members. It is also prohibited by the Federal Trade Commission, unless the stone is flaw­less.

louped. A trade term meaning that a diamond or other gemstone has been examined and probably graded by using a loupe.

low cape. See cape.

lower-break facets. See girdle facets

lower-girdle facets. See girdle facets

lozenge cut (loz"-enj). A four-sided form of cutting, usually step cut, re­sembling a playing-card diamond in outline.

lozenge facet. A term sometimes used synonymously with the four quoin facets (bezel or top-corner facets) on the crown of a brilliant-cut diamond. Some cutters use the term for the four pavilion-main facets or bottom-corner facets. See quoin facet, bezel facet, pavilion facet

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